Miniatures From Clay

Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingerbread Scene

This was fairly easy to make, and fun as well because I had to make some gingerbread and some ginger cookies to get the models. :) There is a little bowl with the gingerbread mixed in it on the table, so again, I wanted to know exactly what the real thing looked like. I made gingerbread men cookies by first cooking polymer clay after rolling it out thin and texturing it, and then after cooking I just used a paper punch to make the cookies. I found a book on Christmas cookies and used that as the background for the scene, for the walls, with a page open showing gingerbread cookies. I used a pen to scribe in boards on the luan plywood floors, and then stained that. I really like using that plywood to simulate wood floors.


  1. Really cute. I've got things layed out for a gingerbread scene, but I doubt if it gets done for Christmas. Too many other pressing items.
    Sheila @